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Celeb News: Eva Mendes Debuts Second Fall Collection for New York & Company with Flash Mob Fashion Events in New York City


Models in Eva Mendes Fall Collection

The past  few months have been a very busy and exciting time for Eva Mendes who with boyfriend Ryan Gosling, recently welcomed daughter Esmeralda Amada. The actress also debuted her second Fall Collection with New York & Company which was celebrated with a series of unique flash mob fashion experiences at three iconic New York City locations.

eva 3

Models in Eva Mendes Fall Collection

The first of the Eva Mendes Collection Fashion Shows occurred at The New York Public Library, when models clad in the A-List celebrity’s Collection exited a double decker bus and took to the streets with a fashionable vigor, as tourists, passersby and the public were treated to Eva’s take on the latest trends. The Collection was designed by Eva in New York City; in partnership with NY&C. No place is as fashionable as Bryant Park and the New York Public Library, the set for decades of New York Fashion Week shows. The maroon, dots and floral prints in the collection were inspired by Fall in New York City.

Eva 2

Models In Eva Mendes Fall Collection

Flatiron Plaza was the scene of the most grandiose Eva Mendes Fall Collection flash mob fashion show experience. Music was pumping and the energy was high to celebrate Eva Mendes’ one year anniversary with New York & Company. Models took to the pavement and entertained the crowd, all while modeling Eva’s classic feminine fall designs with clear views of the Empire State Building. Many were intrigued by the striking flower hats that adorned participants in the flash fashion show, which were an homage to the floral patterns present in many of the pieces in the collection. New Yorkers were treated to videos of Mendes and behind the scenes footage from her fall campaign on larger format video affixed to the side of the fashion tour bus during the fashion event.


Models in Eva Mendes Fall Collection

The final stop of New York & Company’s Eva Mendes Fall Collection tour was the sidewalk along the retailers 58th & Lexington boutique. After the show wrapped, guests were given gift bags and were granted first access to shop the collection as they danced and thrived off the excitement from the day’s events.

Want to participate in all of the excitement?  Shop the new Eva Mendes Fall Collection at NY&C Houston locations or online at

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