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Award- winning Bikini Athlete and International Fitness Model Shares Tips for Celebrating the Season Without Packing on the Pounds

As the holidays approach, unfortunately so does weight gain. From overeating at numerous celebratory events to the stress of shopping and spending time with family, those unwanted pounds can become the “Scrooge” of the holiday season.  I sat down to speak with my lovely public relations client Dianna Forsberg to find out ways that we all can avoid gaining weight this holiday season.

“It is important to create a health and fitness plan that is both effective and flexible during the holiday season,” said Dianna Forsberg, award-winning bikini athlete and international fitness model. “This is a great way to stay in shape, while also enjoying the spirit of the season.”

Dianna 1

Dianna Forsberg, Award-Winning Bikini Athlete & International Fitness Model

Dianna shared some really great and easy to follow tips like making New Year’s resolutions early and weighing yourself weekly to stay on track. You can check out the full list of her fitness tips over at Health and Fitness Magazine.

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