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Hula Hoop Fitness & Hip-Hop Spin Cycle Boot Camp at Glory Fitness Studios

What do you get when you combine hula hoops, jump ropes, spin class and boot camp with vivacious hip-hop tunes? A great work out over at Glory Fitness Studios! Let me start by saying that this was truly one of the best work outs I have ever experienced. Owner and trainer, Chris Boykin is a former professional football player who has designed this unique hip-hop spin cycle boot camp and hula hoop fitness training that is fun, intensive, energetic, encouraging and effective.

To kicks things off, we started with hula hoop fitness. Being that I had not hula hooped since I was a kid, it took a moment for me to catch on: primarily because I could not stop laughing at myself in the mirror! (go check out my video on Instagram) But once I got it, my intensive core work-out was in full effect.

After this “warm-up,” we jumped right into boot camp drills that incorporated kettle balls, fitness bands, jump ropes and more. Trust me, this was no playground play as I was already struggling and drenched in sweat just 30 minutes into the workout.


Part deux led us over to the spin room for Hip-Hop Spin Cycle Boot camp. Now, I have taken spin classes in the past, but never like this one offered at Glory Fitness.  We were incorporating our entire body by doing push-up claps with our upper body, while cycling to hip-hop music that inspired me to keep pedaling even during those “my legs are absolutely about to die” moments.  I become so entranced with the energy and the vibe of the class, I almost forgot it was a workout. Almost.

And to keep the class motivated, Chris was right there pushing everyone to keep going and not to give up.  I’m sure glad I listened because I made it to the end and left the workout feeling accomplished, energized and ready to conquer the world!

I encourage you to visit Glory Fitness located at 5475 W. Loop S., Suite 160, Houston, Texas, 77081. You can also view several videos from the workouts on Instagram @hardcorespin. There are several packages to choose from: 10 Classes – $100, Individual Classes – $20, Unlimited Classes  – $150

This is a perfect routine to get fit, while having an absolute blast!

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