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Henri Bendel Premiers Suite 712 Eau de Parfum

Earlier this summer, I attended a private party at Henri Bendel’s Galleria Houston location to celebrate the company’s 120th Anniversary and the premier of its second luxury perfume in 100 years – Suite 712 Eau de Parfum.

It was one of those evenings when I had multiple events to attend, thus I was not able stay very long to shop and mingle like I really wanted to do. So as I rushed out, one of the sweet ladies gifted me with a sample of Suite 712.  I casually dropped it in my purse and sashayed on out to my next engagement. Throughout the following weeks, I continuously came across the sample, which always stood out due to its elegant signature striped packaging. So one morning as I was leaving for the office, I decided to give it a try. Well, I have been “giving it a try” every morning since!

Suite 712 Eau de Parfum  is my new favorite scent that I wear daily.  It is very soft, sweet, light and perfect for summer.  Those closest to me know that I can be a bit secretive about my fragrances, so consider yourselves special that I am sharing! (smile)

If you are looking for a floral fragrance mixed with woody notes that will make you feel feminine, sexy, soft and “suite”, swing by Henri Bendel to see if Suite 712 Eau de Parfum works for you!

Henri Bendel, The Galleria Houston, 5085 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas, 77056, 713.439.7462.

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