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New England Patriot’s Football Legend, Troy Brown Mixed & Mingled in Houston During Super Bowl Week!

I recently had the honor of chatting with three-time Super Bowl Champion and New England Patriot’s football legend, Troy Brown! He was in Houston promoting Stoli Vodka for Super Bowl weekend and graced Christian’s Tailgate for a cocktail face-off.

Troy had been running on radio row all day, so when it came time for the interview he was kicking back enjoying some wings (while flashing his Super Bowl Ring Bling). I was a bit nervous to be interviewing an icon, but his calm and composed persona easily calmed the nerves. We enjoyed some tasty Stoli cocktails, while going over Lamar Jackson team predictions, rookie pick as a teammate, life post a 15-year career in the NFL spotlight, and his favorite routes.


Nathaly Gallardo chatting with Troy Brown for Big Game Cocktailing.

NG: Which team do you think Heisman winner, Lamar Jackson, would best fit with?

Troy: Cleveland Browns. If they do not trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

NG: Which rookie from this past season would you pick to be on your team?

Troy: Hmmm, it would be a toss up between Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott. I would have to go with Dak, he’s a solid quarterback that doesn’t make many mistakes.

NG: How is life post a 15-year career in the NFL spotlight?

Troy: It’s great, I get to enjoy my family and go to events like these. Also working with Narragansett beer, which is based out of Rhode Island.

NG: Which was your favorite route to run?

Troy: I always liked the shorter routes.

Although quick, it was a great time getting to know Troy before he had to rush over to the  bar to face off in a cocktail mixing battle with Christian Tailgate’s bartender, Jessica. He wowed the audience with his mixing skills, hence it came as no surprise when he won the competition by unanimous vote!

Nathaly Gallardo

Check Out This Behind-the-Scenes Video From the Interview

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