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The Community Artists’ Collective celebrates its 30th anniversary at Deborah Colton Gallery in April 2017

The Community Artists’ Collective will celebrate its 30 years of service to the Houston arts community with a Birthday Bash celebration at the Deborah Colton Gallery, 2445 North Blvd., on April 15, 2017.
Nationally recognized art historian and curator Alvia Wardlaw will preside over the event.  A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the Lester Marks Patron of the Year Award for Philanthropy to community leader Peter H. Brown.
Tony and Dina Alsowayel Chase are honorary chairs of the event.
Sarah Trotty, Deborah Colton and Beverly Harmon will serve as co-chairs of the event, themed “Illuminating Unlimited Creativity.”
asdPrior to the event, a limited edition of 100 original 22 x 15” linoleum prints by Delita Pinchback Martin will be available for purchase.  Martin, who works as a full-time artist in her studio Black Box Press in Huffman, has been described as one of 16 African American artists gaining national attention by the International Review of African American Art.
The Collective, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, provides a wide range of activities for a diverse population.  Local artists are presented with opportunities to expand their skills, receive training in entrepreneurship and are exposed to the greater Houston art community through interactions with art collectors and the exhibition of their art.  The education program offers art instruction to children and adults of all ages, impacting their development of creative techniques and providing increased self-esteem.  The Collective’s quilting program, the Jubilee Quilt Circle, is attracting new and established quilters on a regular basis.
Individual tickets for the 6 to 9 p.m. celebration are $150, and sponsorship packages begin at $5,000.
For more information contact The Collective at 713-523-1616 or and visit the website at
About the Community Artists’ Collective
The Community Artists’ Collective programs are supported in part by grants from the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, the Texas Commission on the Arts, H-E-B and through collaborations with community organizations.  The Collective’s mission is to provide the educational and cultural link among African American artists and all communities, inspiring unlimited creativity.

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